Bachelor of Design

Hanna Grant-Smith

Puku homeware brand represents a fusion of culture, creativity, and the power of language. Recognising that language can be a bridge or a barrier, my mission was to create a brand which builds the bridge that connects people, homes, and cultures. With a deep appreciation for Te Reo Māori, I’ve woven its beauty into the very essence of Puku. At the heart of Puku lies two profound purposes. Cultural Celebration: By celebrating New Zealand’s rich cultural heritage by incorporating Te Reo Māori into our designs. Each piece pays homage to the land’s indigenous traditions and fosters an environment of cultural appreciation and respect. Language Learning Made Approachable: To understand that learning a new language can be intimidating. Our homeware aims to bridge the gap between the fear of language barriers and the joy of learning. Te Reo Māori becomes accessible through everyday items, making language acquisition a natural and enjoyable part of daily life. In essence, Puku is a testament to the beauty of cultural celebration and a tool for breaking down the barriers that can make language learning daunting. It’s a celebration of unity through diversity, where language is not just a means of communication but a source of connection and inspiration.
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