Bachelor of Design

Esther Young

JiNx! is a board game design project that draws inspiration from Monopoly and aims to educate players about scams through the principles of gamification. I remember the day my Mum sent her first text. “Mum, you are so tech savvy! You learned how to text!” but later when I asked her to type messages instead of doing calls, she complained about the small screen and unfamiliar UI. I didn’t understand until I came to study in New Zealand and realized how challenging it is to learn and use a new language, especially for my mother’s generation, digital communication is a whole new language to them. Digital technology has transformed our lives, with banks no longer accepting paper checks, restaurants relying on digital orders, and even accessing public transport information becoming difficult for some. Furthermore, it’s disheartening to see people who worked hard for their whole life being scammed, just because they are not familiar with digital technology. I want to create a fun and engaging tool that helps people learn how to avoid scams, a tool that is engaging, entertaining and encouraging. In some ways, this is for my mother...Well, at least I am doing more calls instead of just texting her now!
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