Bachelor of Design

Erika Bruce

Experiencing a creative block is horrible. You stare at a blank page or screen and your mind is completely empty. Everyone is familiar with this experience, and they often feel that there is no end in sight to their frustration. No one can overcome a blockage to their creative impulse without a little push, inspiration or change in mindset. This is what my project ‘Blocked’ is for. Created to empower students to be courageous enough to overcome their creative block, Blocked helps its users to look at things from a different perspective and challenge the ‘normal’ way they view objects, problems and processes. Aimed at tertiary students enrolled in creative courses, Blocked forces students to break out of concept prisons and challenges users to come up with ‘out of the box’ ideas through the Blocked card challenges. Going beyond creative ideation, the Blocked workbook helps users to channel their new creative ideas into their coursework, through exercises and prompts benefitting not only their personal creative growth but their university work as well.
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