Bachelor of Design

Erana Little

Tupu is an app designed to help Māori grow their connection to their culture. The inspiration for this app stemmed from my bicultural experience and growing up out of touch with my Māori roots, therefore lacking knowledge of the culture, which over time created a lack of identity with it. Through my research, I found this circumstance is quite common amongst bicultural Māori, so my goal was to find a way for those like myself to strengthen their identity. My research revealed three key pathways to achieve this: knowing your whakapapa, learning te reo and being a part of a community. Tupu is a space where you can learn all about the culture while connecting with like-minded people on the same journey of cultural discovery. While it is important to remember that being Māori means you are Māori regardless of how much knowledge you have, Tupu is for anyone who wants to learn more; it is a pathway to growing your connection to your roots.
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