Bachelor of Design

Emma Adams

Prompt You
Since the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the 1950s, it has become one of the most advanced forms of technology today, as well as becoming more accessible to the average person. Thousands of AI programs are being released each day that are applicable to almost all industries in some way. Prompt You is about creating a community of designers who commit to our pledge or want to become more educated about AI. AI is currently autonomous, raising conflicts about ethics, morals and authenticity. The intention of my concept is to bring awareness, and help designers and content creators to use AI programs ethically and morally, by learning about the bias and stereotypical outputs of these programs. My aim is to help designers reach balanced, authentic, successful designs with the use of AI, as well as promoting applicants’ work submitted to our yearly ‘Prompt You Awards’. A key principle of the Prompt You pledge is ethicality, including diversity, individual rights, honesty, equality, well-being, etc. Design has the power to negatively affect or represent such aspects. It is vital that we learn how to successfully use AI design generation, in a positive, ethical way.
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