Bachelor of Design

Eliza Dwyer

The Waiting Room Reimagined
In the wasted hours of healthcare waiting rooms on uncomfortable chairs when anxieties and overthinking arises, there is an opportunity for this dull experience to be re-imagined. What if waiting is not a waste of time but a gift of time that allows us room to breathe, room to notice, room to connect with ourselves and the environment. ‘The Waiting Room Reimagined’ brand guidelines provide a shifted experience that harnesses the practice of mindfulness. This is based on studies into sensory modulation, and how the engagement of our five senses work to relieve anxiety. All of the branding elements are designed to bring the viewer into their senses and to connect with their environment as well as their body. From the colour gradients to the shifting type weights, all work together to create motion and depth, reflecting the feeling of something moving through a space like blood moving through the body or the lungs filling with air or sand moving through an hourglass or how an anxious state of mind can be moved into a peaceful one. ‘The Waiting Room Reimagined’ is an experiential design that provides comfort in an uncomfortable place.
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