Bachelor of Design

Cassandra Ngo

Viet Spirit
Promoting Vietnamese culture is one of my biggest desires as an international design student. “There is much more than just a Vietnamese war.” Many people were talking to me about the Vietnamese War when they knew my nationality, but other than that, they didn’t know that Vietnamese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and has undergone changes for almost four thousand years. Some people say Vietnamese culture has influenced Chinese culture, but a study shows the culture of Vietnam has its own characteristics and has parallel development to Chinese culture. Vietnam is a multiethnic country with over fifty distinct ethnic groups (54 total). Each of them has its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage. Many of the local ethnic groups reside in mountainous areas. The Viet Spirit project explores the uniqueness of pattern design, which was influenced by the Thai ethnic group from the north of Vietnam. Each pattern represents an everyday object that has a strong connection to Thai people’s daily lives. The project also introduces calligraphy as an aspect of Vietnamese traditional art. Viet Spirit isa proud and loud voice that encourages everyone to explore the vibrant Vietnamese art through its delicate patterns
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