Bachelor of Design

Caitlin Shrimpton

The Kiwi Forage campaign
How connected do you feel to the land around you? How much do you know about the food you eat and where it came from? In a country that has lost a lot of knowledge of its history and cultural beginnings, learning more about what’s still growing wild can be truly fulfilling. Learning to forage can be a great escape from an often overwhelmingly busy, capitalist, technology-ruled society. Taking a closer look into nature and learning how to use it and benefit from it can be a rewarding step towards a more connected community. On top of this, it can be used to help us take some control over the current food price crisis. The Kiwi Forage campaign is focused on strengthening hauora through foraging. The connection foraging can help you create with your whenua, kai, and hapori can seriously boost your well-being and outlook. By spreading this idea as well as providing a learning platform for you to start your foraging journey, Kiwi Forage is here to get you connected.
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