Bachelor of Design

Caitlin Knudsen

Inside Stories
Our thoughts can be our biggest barriers—but they can also be a bridge to greater things. Self-talk can hinder us, or help us excel. It can be our cheerleader and our best friend through tough times, or moments of sadness. Our thoughts have impact. The stories we tell ourselves, just for ourselves, influence our perception. How aware of it are you? Do you realise the power it holds? Inside Stories is about our perception and using positive self-talk to see the best in things, to choose to see the bright side. To enlighten people and help them discover the power they hold with the stories they tell themselves. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to stop being the passive backseat passengers to their thoughts, to stop letting negative self-talk harm their opportunities, relationships, and self-image. Challenge your narrative. Take the wheel and take control.
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