Bachelor of Design

Ben Krijgsman

Nostalgia in Creative Practice
My project is concerned with nostalgia in the modern age, both its influence on creative practice and on culture in general. The common theme of new radical ideas gaining traction, and then being reacted to by the art world, was a cycle throughout history, with some of these movements being revivals of the past. In modern nostalgia we don’t see these forms of social movement anymore; with globalization and capitalism, ideas are no longer allowed to die and thus cannot evolve. I wanted to tackle this cultural topic by trying to instill good nostalgic ethics into the average young creative. With this in mind I have produced a guide to using nostalgia in an artistically progressive way, that not only helps with this issue but also creates good projects. Along with this guide, I have applied the system to my own creative practice creating a figurine and brand that takes nostalgic links to serfdom and Funko pop figures. It is a satirical take on modern nostalgia consumerism and is intended to display how nostalgia is used by capitalism to sell us progressively more and more useless products that we buy due to brand recognition.
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