Bachelor of Design

Austin Hewett

The art of screen printing clothing is slowly becoming obsolete as more digital and computerized designing methods and practices take over. However, it should still be regarded as one of the original media for graphic design, dating back over two thousand years, and becoming the screen printing we all know today. This project has given me the opportunity to showcase the art of screen printing through my clothing company QUEST. I have always had a passion for art but became truly involved with print during my high school years. QUEST strives to create limited runs of hand-printed wearable art that are meticulously crafted, with each piece being printed one by one, and every stage of the process overseen by me personally. My brand is not just a course related project; it’s also a passion project. For me, it’s about gathering a following of ethically minded individuals who appreciate clothes made with love and attention to detail. It’s also about demonstrating my commitment to being a sustainable and ethical brand for our people and our planet.
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