Bachelor of Design

Alberta Hall

A Part
As humans, we tend to view ourselves as somehow above or apart from nature. But we are made of the same stuff, and are a part of the same system. Our departure from nature-connectedness in the Western world has caused harm to our planet, and disconnected us from an integral part of our identity, ultimately harming both us and nature. In a time when Earth is more at risk than ever before, and mental health is at an all-time low, it is crucial we find ways to reconnect with nature and to remember that we are a part of it. My book was created using both digital design and nature-based art techniques and materials, to explore my own relationship with nature, and to encourage a strong connection with nature in readers. If we start small by realising we ARE nature, we will see how important it is to heal our relationship with it. My design practice tends towards experimental, beautiful and sustainable work that expresses emotion and meaning for both myself and the audience. I specialise in graphic design, illustration, animation and film photography.
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