Bachelor of Design

Tyson Collins

lens-based media
This series combines my love of cars with my passion for photography. Since I can remember I have been in love with cars and the culture surrounding them. When I picked up a camera, the first subject I photographed was a car. Since then, these passions have combined and throughout this degree I have been pushing my automotive photography to its limits. I have found that automotive photography is generally viewed as a commercial subject rather than fine art. This project was a chance for me to offer a different perspective and show automotive photography in more than just a commercial context, instead celebrating the cars in an artistic sense. The central piece of this series showcases my recent love of light painting. This image features 5 Japanese cars from 5 different decades spanning from the 1980s through to a 2023 model. This lighting style highlights the changes in body lines and shape throughout the years. Although the light painting was a large experimental part of the project, this image is accompanied by a range of images, these cover all aspects of automotive photography like an extreme panning technique, hero shots of modified cars and fine details that show overlooked parts of a car.