Bachelor of Design

Owen Spargo

lens-based media
Noise, Static, Dust
The project ‘Noise, Static, Dust’ is a body of photographic works that act as an exploration and representation of inner worlds. The camera being used to distort the perception of the outer, physical world in order to give abstract form to subjective experience and emotion. These personal interpretations are embodied with texture and the sensations of movement, energy, stasis, and depth. The visual direction was also driven, and influenced by philosophical, and phenomenological discussions surrounding the concept of shared or common experiences that make us who we are; the search, and struggle for connection, to loved ones, to community, to the cosmos itself. The idea of the self, of identity, condenses into a shifting, nebulous form, recognisable and yet still elusive, impermanent, subject to winds of change. Flurries of thought swirl in and out of focus, rising to the surface, returning to hazy depths. Memories build up in layers; echoes formed into foundation and strata. Hopes and dreams shimmer in the distance, serving as a guiding light into the unknown. And time spreading across, enveloping all as it freezes, races, ripples, and crashes over the body and mind alike, eroding all it touches.