Bachelor of Design

Kezzia Herbert- McLennan

lens-based media
Feminine Experience
My interest in photography first started when my mum got a camera in the early 2000s. Watching her creative process was intriguing to me, leading to me wanting to explore photography myself. It wasn’t until high school that I was able to explore photography with creative freedom and I knew it was going to be something I pursued. ‘Feminine Experience’ is a visual depiction of how it feels to be a feminine-presenting individual consistently exposed to stereotypical beauty standards. My work has always had an underlying theme relating to beauty, so it felt fitting to explore the idea of beauty standards for this project. My interests are fashion and commercial photography, so I wanted to highlight my abilities. This series consists of product shots and detail shots, showing both the glamorous side of the beauty industry and the effect is has on the targeted audience. The product shots show a stylised airbrushed look the beauty industry embraces. The detail shots show the reality of how they appear on the skin.