Bachelor of Design

Emily Whitnall

lens-based media
Surrealistic world
My project is called ‘Surrealistic World’. It is an abstract short film which is created by manipulating lots of different mediums. I have also created the backing track. I want each person to have a different opinion or interpretation while viewing the film. It allows the viewer to have their own imaginative freedom. I have employed a diverse range of artistic techniques. This includes the manipulation of 35mm negatives through cutting and layering, utilizing 3D scanning technology to expand the visual dimensions, experimenting with shutter drag effects, and applying a lot of postproduction techniques. Areas and skills I like to work in, are event photography and fashion. I love shooting events as I am a DJ/Producer myself, so I love capturing images in the environment I enjoy. I also love shooting fashion as that’s something I am passionate about and enjoy the creativity and results you can get.